Mychef TGL201E2 goSensor Vacuum Sealer

Made in Spain
Dimensions: W: 620 x D: 599 x H: 453mm
Weight: 64 Kg
Power: Single phase, 10Amp (750W)
Warranty: 12 months parts & labour

Practical control with three buttons and a LED display that allows you to quickly and intuitively select the desired packaging parameters. For uncomplicated daily packaging.

  • Chamber Dimensions: W: 560 x D: 465 x H: 210mm
  • Single Sealing Bar
  • Sealing Bar Length: 455 mm
  • BECKER Vacuum Pump (Made in Germany): 20 m3/h
  • Sensor technology
  • Liquid packaging program
  • SCS (Self Calibration System): Patented system that automatically calibrates the packaging machine
  • Stop function: Selection of stop time
  • Vac+: Extra vacuum for porous foods
  • Soft Air: Delicate food packaging
  • AutoClean Oil: Oil self-cleaning system
  • Single seal: 1x 4 mm
  • 1x Program
  • LED screen
  • Dome Lid
  • Opening System: Automatic